League 2

mr freeze

The Half-Term Report Card

THE half-term report card aims to succintly analyse the manner in which the Third Division has played out thus far – why not dive in and see how your team have performed over the last six months?


The Mid-Term Report Card

WITH the first round of matches between the sides in the Third Division almost complete, we take at how each of the teams have performed so far. Imagine this article in the style of a school boy’s report card; expect plenty of “see me after class”-style comments.

indiana jones

The SFL Week Four Round-up

EVERYONE’S favourite old bird “Partizan” returns to offer up his withering thoughts on another week of SFL action. We’ve never met him, but we’ve been told he is a hoarder and lives in a horrid “Life of Grime” style cottage somewhere.


The SFL Week One Round-up

AFTER the first week of the SFL kicked off on Saturday, the glowering “Partizan” offers us a withering analysis of the first round of matches. Put the children to bed and fetch the whisky from the cellar, your Uncle “Partizan” is in town.