Forfar Athletic

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The Half-Term Report Card

ANOTHER day, another division. This time, we focus on the third tier – but who is polishing their apple for teacher? And who is taking a brutal blanket party from their peers? Have a look-see and find out.


The Mid-Term Report Card

WHAT did you expect? Queen of the South sit top of the table; Stranraer languish at the bottom. Everything else in between, however, is a giant muddle. We sift through Scotland’s third tier like a vintage school master.

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Young Guns and Dick Campbell Go For It!

IMAGINE a cross between a lion-tamer, a stunt man, and James Bond. Multiply it by two, divide it by the number you first thought of, and you’re still nowhere close enough to comprehending how exciting the Second Division is. This is the guide to the most competitive league in the country.