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The Mid-Term Report Card

WITH the first round of matches between the sides in the Third Division almost complete, we take at how each of the teams have performed so far. Imagine this article in the style of a school boy’s report card; expect plenty of “see me after class”-style comments.

the great figure

Five Things We Learned from the Ramsdens Cup

IF you read a London broadsheet known for its liberal and left-leaning stance, then you might be familiar with this concept. We looked at the five key moments from the first round of the Ramsdens Cup: should Rangers expect more, like Dickens’s Oliver? Are Partick Thistle like the T-1000? And have Annan gone all tiki-taka?


A Journey Into The Unknown

WITH Rangers’ demotion into the lowest tier of Scottish football, the Third Division has suddenly become the focus of unprecendented attention: will the Ibrox club stroll through the league? Can Queen’s Park turn slick passing into sustained success? And just who will finish bottom?