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With the majority of the country’s lower league sides in Scottish Cup action this weekend, we cannot provide you with your regular hot slice of statistics. But don’t let that put you off – chef Craig Anderson has still cooked up a wonderful buffet. Instead of a pig with an apple in its mouth sitting at the top of the table, we dig into the mailbag, answer the burning issues, and stick them on a plate for your enjoyment.


The Question

Today’s question comes from long-time Brechin City supporter Ronnie Tart:

“Hi Craig, I’m a regular reader of the site and I’m a huge fan of your column. If you were to look at the four Angus clubs – Arbroath, Brechin City, Forfar Athletic and Montrose – and take their respective head-to-head records into account, combining their results to create a mini-league table, who would come out on top? Who are the region’s top boys?”

Hi Ronnie, thanks for your kind words. The idea of a breakaway Angus SuperLeague has been floated a few times in the past, so it’s definitely a worthwhile question.

Looking at the all-time league record between the four teams, Forfar have recorded the most wins in Angus derbies (150), while Arbroath have won the fewest matches (126). If, for reasons of convenience, we assume three points for a win, then Forfar have obtained the most points (543), over 50 points ahead of their nearest rivals Brechin. Montrose (454) have picked up the fewest points, with Arbroath (465) just ahead of them in third place.

table 111


However, the table fails to take into account the difference in the number of games each side has played. Forfar (381) have played more Angus derbies in the league than any of the other sides, while Arbroath (331) have played in the fewest. It would therefore be fairer to look at points per game rather than just the total number of points gained. Taking that into account, Forfar remain top with 1.425 points per game and Montrose remain bottom with 1.301 points per game. That said, there is a change in the “midtable” zone with Arbroath edging ahead of Brechin into second place by 0.006 points per game.

table 2


In both tables, Forfar are clear leaders and can lay claim to the title of Kings of Angus – to answer your question Ronnie, they are the region’s “top boys”. They will no doubt regret their region’s lack of UEFA membership, which has probably cost them a least a couple of Champions League titles. Perhaps they need to have their own independence referendum next year?


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Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson is a football obsessive and a Statistics PhD student. He combined these two passions to create the @SPLstats Twitter account, where he shares trivia about the Scottish game. Craig has scored as many international goals as Chris Iwelumo.

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