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The Ramsdens Cup First Round Review

THIS comprehensive round-up of the weekend’s Ramsdens Cup action comes from the skewed pen of “Partizan”, a mysterious and charasmatic young writer. Imagine a cross between David Foster Wallace and Colonel Kurtz, with the looks of Harry from One Direction.

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Young Guns and Dick Campbell Go For It!

IMAGINE a cross between a lion-tamer, a stunt man, and James Bond. Multiply it by two, divide it by the number you first thought of, and you’re still nowhere close enough to comprehending how exciting the Second Division is. This is the guide to the most competitive league in the country.


I Am Son of Gamblor: An Introduction

HAVE you ever walked in a bookmakers, filled in a piece of paper with some numbers and letters and handed it in at the cashier, only for them to sneer and jeer you for your lack of gambling acumen? If you’ve answered yes, then David Copeland’s diary is for you.

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The Anatomy of an Overhead Kick

WHAT is the thought process behind an overhead kick? What goes through the player’s mind as he attempts such a manoeuvre? Stenhousemuir’s maverick forward Andy Rodgers discusses the best goal he’s ever scored.


A Journey Into The Unknown

WITH Rangers’ demotion into the lowest tier of Scottish football, the Third Division has suddenly become the focus of unprecendented attention: will the Ibrox club stroll through the league? Can Queen’s Park turn slick passing into sustained success? And just who will finish bottom?