Episode 56: Andy Graham (Part Two)

Andy Graham continues to look back on his successful career in the Scottish lower leagues by focusing on the middle part of his career – his three years at Dumbarton and his season with Ayr United.

Speaking to Craig G Telfer, Andy begins the second part of his Pelé Podcast by reflecting on his return to part-time football with the Sons in 2012/13. He talks about their nightmare start to the campaign under Alan Adamson and the incredible upturn in form under Ian Murray. Andy discusses how his team punched above their weight, narrowly missing out on the promotion play-offs in 2013/14 and holding their own against some of the biggest sides in the country the following season.

He then talks about his sudden departure from the club under Stevie Aitken – something which he’d never spoken until now – and how he found himself at Ayr United. Andy discusses his season under Ian McCall and how it yielded another promotion, with the big defender playing a crucial role.

As always, this is a tremendous listen but Dumbarton fans will listen with particular interest.

Listen to part one of Andy’s Pelé Podcast here.

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Tell Him He's Pelé

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