Episode 38: Danny Denholm (Part One)

Footballer, teacher, writer and poet Danny Denholm joins this week’s Pelé Podcast to look back over the thrills and spills of his career to date and talk about the wider game in general in Scotland.

The 27-year-old Arbroath winger begins his interview with Craig G Telfer by analysing the Lichties’ summer transfer activity and predicts how they’ll perform over the forthcoming season before jumping back to where it all began. Danny discusses his time in the East of Scotland League with Edinburgh City and Stirling University and how he combined football, his studies, and playing Fifa.

He then remembers his move to Second Division side Forfar Athletic in 2012 and his relationship with the inimitable Dick Campbell. Danny talks about his own success at the club and his underwhelming move into full-time football with Championship team Livingston.

Danny writes the excellent Lower League Ramblings blog, one of the essential reads for any discerning fan of Scottish football, and several of his articles come up during the course of the conversation.

Listen to part two here.

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