Episode 24: Grant Anderson (Part Two)

Grant Anderson returns for the second part of his Pelé Podcast. Speaking again to Craig G Telfer, Grant begins just as he is about to embark on a rollercoaster four years with Raith Rovers. He talks about their famous Challenge Cup win over Rangers, a magnificent header against Hibernian, and a pitch that smelled of rotten eggs.

Grant remembers his disappointing departure from Stark’s Park and a frustrating six months with Queen of the South, before reflecting on his short stint with Peterhead and their dismal relegation in 2017.

He finishes by discussing his first steps as a professional referee.

As with all Pelé Podcasts, this is an entertaining listen for all fans of lower-league Scottish football but it will particularly resonate with Raith Rovers fans.

There may be some slight issues with the audio quality in parts but it should not detract from an excellent interview.

Listen to part one here.

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Tell Him He's Pelé

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