Episode 22: Mark McGuigan (Part Two)

Mark “Mr Goals” McGuigan returns to look back over the latter half of his career in the second episode of his Pelé Podcast. The big striker speaks to Craig G Telfer about leaving full-time football with Partick Thistle and joining Albion Rovers permanently, which resulted in a famous League 2 title win.

He then talks about an up-and-down two years Stranraer and his move to Stenhousemuir before finishing with a brief chat about Arctic Monkeys latest album.

This is another fine listen (if I do say so myself!) and, like the first episode, Mark is an engaging presence throughout.

Listen to the part one here.

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Tell Him He's Pelé

Tell Him He's Pelé

If Tell Him He's Pelé were a boy band, they would probably be the much-missed One True Voice, both in terms of appearance and musical output.

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