Stat Attack!


Things Stat Stop You Dreaming

THERE are only three things guaranteed in life: taxes, death and a need for football statistics. Craig Anderson cuts through the bias to bring you the very best of the weekend’s lower league action. Open wide for some soccer!


Stat Don’t Taste Too Good

WHAM! Yer man Craig Anderson’s back to slap you across the face with a briefcase full of match preview statistics quicker than Rangers directors can sell their shares. That’s right, we went there…


Like a Stat Out of Hell

“HERE ye, here ye!” shouted the town crier. The locals gathered round. “Mr Craig Anderson returns with another barrel full of stats!” The locals smiled, some even yelped in cheer. They were pleased.

queen's nose

A Light Stat Never Comes

“I HAVE a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a fox!” Such is they type of quote we imagine our resident statistician Craig Anderson recites to himself when compiling his weekly column. Click on to read the latest edition.


Narcissistic Bar Statistic

IN a post-Mandela world, our attempt at continuing to lose a sense of perspective involves indulging ourselves on the return of Craig Anderson’s stats column. Please, take a minute’s silence to remember the great man, then tuck in.