Stat Attack!


Stat Don’t Taste Too Good

NEVER mind the Scottish Cup, there are some crucial league matches taking place with barely a quarter of the season left to play. Craig Anderson guides us through the relevant stats like a beacon in a mine full of numbers.

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You Can Leave Your Stat On

SOME important fixtures are being played out this weekend and the great Craig Anderson ushers out the teams with a fanfare of contextual statistics. He also trumpets a record-breaking sequence of draws. Tuck in!


A Man’s A Man For A’ Stat

IN keeping with this most romantic of days, Craig Anderson delivers a sensual dose of statistics to warm your loins for the weekend ahead. Say it with flowers? Forget it. Say it with statistics, mate.


Stat Awkward Moment…

YES, yer man Craig Anderson has returned with another big bundle of statistics tucked under his arm. With many teams in Scottish Cup action, the card is diminished a little, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun.

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The Stat In The Hat

WITH the end to another working week upon us, dip your toes into the tropical waters of Craig Anderson’s lower league statistical preview. Once again, yer man casts his eye over the three divisions, bringing hope to all.