Stat Attack!


It Stat-ed with a Kiss

IT’S another big weekend of lower league football and Craig Anderson is here with a big backpack of statistics to guide you on your way. Join him as he leads you through the murk and the mire and into the light.


Stat’s What She Said!

IT’S coming to the business end of the season and with so much at stake, it’s important to know whether or not the statistics are on your side. Craig Anderson analyses two matches from each division to bring you the inside track.

arthur aardvark

The Stat’s in the Cradle

AS “the biggest game of the SPFL season” approaches, what better way to prepare yourself than by arming yourself with a big fat wad of statistics? Craig Anderson brings you all the stats that matter from the weekend’s key fixtures.


Keep Workin’ Stat Thing

“SO I said to myself: what would God do in this situation?” If you need to ask yourself that, find what advice you can among Craig Anderson’s ecumenical answers as he looks at the weekend’s smokin’ lower league action.

bert and ernie

Stats of to (Roy) Harper

WITH another exciting weekend of saucy lower league action on the cards, Craig Anderson is here to give you the lowdown on the runners and the riders and answer the questions on everyone’s lips.

inspector gadget

Stat-ful of Hollow

WOAH! @SPLstats is on fire! So might Somerset Boab say about the recent announcement of the second annual SPLstats quiz while tucking into his ice cream. But yeah, click on to read some weekend-defining numbers.