Craig G Telfer

Craig G Telfer

Craig is a keen supporter of Stenhousemuir and still harbours romantic notions towards the club's infamous 2005-06 season. His fictional heroes include Daniel Plainview, John Marston and Pat Mustard.

Small Bubble

Six Thoughts, 10 August 2015

WITH the traditional Five Things We Learned having becoming too unwieldy in recent months, a new, slimline column entitled Six Thoughts examines the key talking points from the weekend’s lower-league action.



AFTER one win in his last 15 league matches, Allan Moore’s position at Arbroath was rendered untenable. Craig G Telfer examines their disastrous run of form and attempts to understand why things soured so quickly.



AFTER 11 months of disappointment and dissatisfaction, Scott Booth was sacked from Stenhousemuir. Craig G Telfer examines a man who overestimated his own ability while underestimating League 1 football.

The Colour of the Moon

JIM JEFFERIES resigned from Dunfermline Athletic following a lean run of form, but he will not be missed at East End Park. After almost three years of mediocrity, Craig G Telfer examines the 64-year-old’s legacy at the club.


Death of a Disco Dancer

FOLLOWING his side’s 0-4 capitulation to Stenhousemuir on Saturday, Greig McDonald resigned from Stirling Albion. We look back at his tenure with the Binos and examine whether or not his management was a success.