Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson is a football obsessive and a Statistics PhD student. He combined these two passions to create the @SPLstats Twitter account, where he shares trivia about the Scottish game. Craig has scored as many international goals as Chris Iwelumo.


The Secretary of Stat

AS the finishing line looms, Craig Anderson returns with another Stat Attack!, looking at the final play-off games in the Championship, League 1 and the Pyramid. He also takes a peek at the Premiership quarter-final.

I’m All About Stat Bass

AFTER a lengthy absence, Craig Anderson returns with a giant vat of stats. Turning his attention to the forthcoming play-off fixtures, he leaves no stone unturned in his quest to bring you the very best analysis.

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Stat The Drive-In

IT was the infamous Joseph Stalin who said: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” It’s certainly something Craig Anderson can agree with, and here he is with his preview of tomorrow’s games.


Stat Independent Clause

AS Scotland wakes up to a bright new dawn this morning, Craig Anderson comes over the horizon on horseback to bring you the biggest and best statistics just in time for the weekend’s fixtures. Click on for some nice banter.


Stat’s What’s Real To Me

AFTER three weeks of “finding himself” in Goa, Craig Anderson returns by borrowing lines from a Brian McFadden song to bring you everything you wanted to know about the weekend’s key lower league fixtures.


Breakfa Stat Tiffany’s

STOP the bus! I need a wee wee dose of stats before the weekend’s football hits! Just as well our top lad Craig Anderson is there with a plentiful supply. Here he is, giving you the low down on the very best of the action.