Alistair Gemmell

Alistair Gemmell

An exiled Honest Man since birth, distance from Somerset Park has not diminished Alistair's support of Ayr United. A placemaker by profession, he contributes match previews to the club's online content and once saw Andy Walker in a furniture store in Tillicoultry.


The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

MARK ROBERTS’S disappointing two-and-a-half year spell in charge of Ayr United was quietly brought to an end on Monday evening. Alistair Gemmell examines how the popular player made for an underwhelming manager.

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Robbie Crawford (Ayr United)

AT only 18, Robbie Crawford has proven to be the outstanding player in an otherwise dismal campaign for Ayr United. With a high level of interest in Crawford, we examine his qualities and ask if he’s ready to make the step up to a higher level.

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Young Guns and Dick Campbell Go For It!

IMAGINE a cross between a lion-tamer, a stunt man, and James Bond. Multiply it by two, divide it by the number you first thought of, and you’re still nowhere close enough to comprehending how exciting the Second Division is. This is the guide to the most competitive league in the country.